Coin Gabbar token (CGT) is making its space in the crypto Eco system with a range of products including Information Marketplace, Crypto Launchpad, different financial products like Crypto Micro financing, Investment and PMS services. The Ecosystem will grow with the community to include products like NFT Marketplace, Crypto Wallet, Centralized and Decentralized Exchange, Gaming and Metaverse.

The focus of coin gabbar token is to develop a robust community and provide them benefits with the maximum possible features of Crypto Eco system.

The Coin gabbar Token (CGT) is designed to serve as a utility for various Crypto products operating in the Gabbar Ecosystem and Crypto space.

CGT has partnered with to act as exclusive Utility Token for the Coingabbar Ecosystem. CGT aims to expand its portfolio in future and enter into such exclusive partnerships with various other Global Crypto Projects to enhance the utility and reach of CGT.


1 CUBCoin Gabbar Token = $ 0.0000588

1 USDT = 17,000 CGT


  • Connect with BNB Smartchain only
  • Keep atleast .001 BNB for gas fees in your wallet.
  • Sufficient USDT should be in your wallet to purchase CGT.
  • If you connected through mobile then approval window will come on mobile only and your wallet application should be open
  • 2 smart contract will be executed when you buy CGT. You have to approve both contract.